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Vincent Van Gogh. Wheatfield with Crows. (07.1890).

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Vincent Van Gogh. Wheatfield with Crows. (07.1890).

Here a banal scene, a banal subject, and the painting, because of the dark and tormented sky as well as the presence of the flight of crows, releases a somewhat morbid atmosphere. many of the critics and historians saw in this painting, the expression of the tormented conscience of Vincent who committed suicide a few days afterwards. It should be said that the crow has a disaster reputation, in the unconscious collective it is often regarded as birds of ill omen announcing death, indeed this bird does not attend that the corn fields, he likes also the battle fields and after those he eat some remainders human, this does not arrange anything with his bad reputation which makes that he is often perceived as messenger of misfortune. But this picture is not limited to that. It is a perfect illustration of what can be the rhythm in painting. Look at well the sky, the field, the birds, all seems moving. The whole painting moves. One feels the wind which makes fold corn ears, the birds are moving, the clouds in the sky advance. In the foreground 3 ways invite us to choose a direction and to stroll. This painting is dynamic. It is in complete opposition with a static traditional landscape. It seems alive and the scene seems real and to be held under our eyes as with the cinema. All the magic of Vincent Van Gogh is there… 
The point of view of the witness is slightly below the horizon. The glance follows the flight of the birds and the direction of corn, it is attracted by the top and the line. 
The sky is placed on the high tension field. In order to attract the glance the chalk lines are located on 2 natural points of interest. 
The sky occupies a little more of the higher third of pictorial space, the corn field a little less of the lower third. 
The painting is built according to the large ascending diagonal of left on the right. The birds go in this direction. In the foreground the hot lines of the field and 2 ways also go in this direction. This impression is reinforced by the fact that the artist splits his key in broad features.

Details : 
This sky of storm is animated. As the crows these black clouds advance of left on the right and give the impression of the movement. 
It is seen well here that Vincent works in broad keys and milked with the knife which follow the same direction. This manner of splitting up and of multiplying the lines increases the impression of instability induced by the picture. It is a moving painting. 
With dimensions left, the way symbolizes the past and the artist works in broad rising lines. Curiously this earthy pallet recalls the Dutch period of Van Gogh to his beginnings... 

The crows are simply outlined in multiple W which thus move towards the line, the future…

Light : The painting can have to be painted of night. There is no indication of source of the light. The most luminous zone is on the left in the corn field. 

Colors : Contrast between hot and cold colors.

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