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Song of Spring. Louis Comfort Tiffany. Stained glass according to the painting of William Adolphe Bouguereau. (1889). Art Nouveau.

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Song of Spring. Louis Comfort Tiffany. Stained glass according to the painting of William Adolphe Bouguereau. (1889).

This stained glass was carried out by Tiffany according to the painting of William Bouguereau. In bottom on the right click on the arrow to go from the stained glass in the painting and to compare them. William Bouguereau, is a traditional French painter representative of academic painting. It has enormously success with the American purchasers, so much so that in 1878 at the time of the first retrospective of its painting for the international exhibition of Paris, the French State can gather only 12 of its works, the remainder of its production is in the USA. 
For this reason it inspired Louis Comfort Tiffany. 
Idyllic, pastoral and bucolic scenes constitute its repertory. Many its picture illustrate the topics of the family ties and childhood, but its topic of predilection is the image of the woman. It is very influenced by Ingres and his portraits of Venus. With Cabanel, Gervex and Gerome its name is associated with the kind of naked academic. Its returned is smooth and meticulous. The painter Edgar Degas invents the verb
“ bouguereauter ” to indicate ironically the action to melt and smooth pictorial in this manner. While going from the stained glass in the painting one quickly realizes that the painting emphasizes the model while the stained glass emphasizes the landscape. The light and the colors of the stained glass make of it a work of art much more decorative. At Bouguereau the line is precise, the grace of the model and of the angels is shown. In the stained glass of Tiffany it is the landscape and the color of its multiple details which dominate. 

In the painting of Bouguereau the sky is visible on the left in top. Tiffany adds sky on the line much low to emphasize the landscape. This lowers the point of view of the spectator and restores the balance between the model, which dominates in the painter, and the landscape. 

The model is always in central position but it occupies much less space with regard to the stained glass.

In the stained glass the model does not occupy any more that a little more of the third pictorial space and it is much lower.

Work is built on the large ascending diagonal from right to left.

Details : 

The furnaces of the Tiffany workshops could produce glass of more than 5000 different colors. Moreover note that the same piece of glass can change of colors (Yellow, orange green). 

In the middle of the cold colors, some hot colors arise more.

Sometimes, in a stained glass nature can have surprising colors.

Light : The stained glass is enlightened in bottom on the left. 

Color : Contrasts between complementary colors.

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