Angelo di Cosimo di Mariano Tori or Angelo Bronzino.

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Angelo di Cosimo di Mariano Tori or Angelo Bronzino, small bronze (known as also Agnolo Tori). (1502-1563).

It had, has it says itself, the skin of a moricaud. It was born on November 17, 1503 in Monticelli, small village with the doors of Florence. Very young person, it was dedicated to painting. It makes its training at Jacopo Pontormo ave which it carries out a fresco (Pieta With Two Angels) for the chartreuse one of Galluzo.

From 1533 It works, always with Pontormo with Florence with the decoration of villas and palate, in particular the Médicis palate. In 1539, Florence prepares the marriage of the Duke Cosme 1st of Médicis and Eléonore de Tolède. One orders from Bronzino four low-reliefs of bronze, painted in horn-the eye. This work is of such a virtuosity that the husbands are immediately allured and they name Bronzino official painter of the dynasty of Médicis. In 1540 he becomes painter of the court of Cosime 1st.

He carries out the frescos of the vault of Eléonore de Tolède to the Vecchio palate in a style very personal mannerist. The color is used for its eigenvalue what intensifies the plastic expression. Allegorical works which it carries out (Pygmalion and Galathée. 1529), are invoice mannerist appreciated by the court. The deformed faces and the cold colors translate the interior tension of the characters while causing a little ambiguity. Bronzino is especially famous for its portraits in which it arrives to a very strong individualization as in Cosme 1st in armour. It is famous, any Florence asks it.

Its penetration psychological, cold and rigorous, significant and acute of the model, allied to a perfect technique, will give us the most beautiful portraits mannerists which are.

The expression of the faces is of a conventional solemnity as if the characters carried a mask. The details are returned with a high degree of accuracy. Bronzino is one of the central figures of art Florentin of XVIe century.