The British Museum. London.


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The British Museum. London.

British Museum is the British National museum and, until 1973, national library of Great Britain, it is located in the district of Bloomsbury at the center of London. British Museum is one of the most important museums of the world : the works of art which are preserved there go from European prehistory at the XXth century. The department of Egyptian Antiquities shelters one of the largest collections of the world, including the stone of Rosette in particular and funds important of papyrus, mummies and sarcophagi. The department of Greek and Roman Antiquities comprises funds important of famous objects, in particular the Portland cement vase, masterpiece of Roman glassmaking of first century before J. - C., the plank of the temple of Apollo with Bassae in Greece, the plank of the Parthenon and the sculptures coming from the mausoleum of Halicarnasse in Turkey. The cabinet of the prints and the drawings has funds important of European graphic works, Early middle ages at our days.