Museum of Fine Art. Boston.


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Museum of Fine Art. Boston.

The Museum of Fine Art of Boston opened its doors on July 4th, 1876, for the centenary of the American nation. It contained 5.600 works of Art. With the passing of years the collection and the number of visitors developed exponentially and in 1909 the museum moved which occurred of Huntington to Boston.
Today the Museum of Art of Boston contains 450.000 works of Art. More of 1 million visitors enter there each year. (World rank : 54). The Museum proposes innovative educational programs. The school of the museum of Fine arts of Boston is one of the oldest schools of art and most distinguished from the United States. 
It is rare to find in a museum such a teaching will. The school of the Museum of the fine arts of Boston is affiliated at the university of the city and prepares with the license or the various degrees of Master. It offers to the students a complete range educational resources. By exposures, research programs and publications, the museum documents and interprets its own collections. The museum of the Fine Art of Boston identifies the need for exploring new sectors and neglected of Art It seeks to acquire the art of last and the present and all that is visually and pedagogically significant. The museum creates educational events for the visitors and adapts to a whole range of experiments and models of study. Moreover the Museum informs the future artists by his school.