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Pierre Auguste Renoir: At the seaside.

In 1881, Renoir is 40 years old. For the first time it will be able to travel. It will go to Algeria but will be conquered by Italy, especially by Venice… This voyage, it remains marked by the beauty of the frescos of Raphaël and oils of Ingres. These two great painters from now on will influence his manner of painting and of drawing. It moves away more and more from impressionism, contours of its characters become more precise. It draws the forms with more rigour, the colors are hotter. The transition will be progressive bus Renoir is in perpetual search for an absolute pictorial art. From 1883 the style of Renoir changes. It passes from one period known as " impressionist " to one " ingresque period " 
" dry period " which will last until 1888.

At the seaside is one of the first " ingresque " work. The colors are hot, the drawing of the precise model, carried out with many rigour and preoccupations obvious with a realism. The landscape is still slightly treated with the impressionist manner but its importance decrease and grows blurred.