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Domenico Beccafumi. (1486- 1551).

Born with Sienna, It is regarded the last one representing great Sienan painting and as the principal Master of the Sienan mannerism. It discovers works of RaphaŽl and Michel-Angel at the time of a stay in Rome.On its return, it carries out the frescos of the vault del Manto (1513) as well as the Retable of the Marks of Holy Catherine (1513-1515) and the Triptych of the Trinity with the Saints (1513). In these works one recognizes effects of light and color which correspond to the mannerism. This technique announces similar works of Pontormo and Rosso Fiorentino. Its style becomes increasingly characteristic as in the frescos of the Scenes of the Life of the Virgin (1518). Beccafumi undertakes then a series of paperboards for scenes of the Old Will intended for the marble decoration of the pavement of the dome of Sienna.