Art Institute of Chicago.


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Art Institute of Chicago. 

The Art institute of Chicago open in 1879 roughly contains 300.000 works of art in its permanent collection. It is divided into 11 departments and employs 500 people. It is located in the middle of Chicago.
The Art Institute of Chicago was founded like a museum and a school of the fine arts in 1879, it is one critical period in the history of Chicago or much of energy was employed to rebuild the metropolis destroyed by the large fire of 1871. The Institute found its place of residence in 1893 when it entered a building, built in common with the town of Chicago, for the Colombian world exposure. In front of its door 2 large bronze lions assemble the guard. A library of research was built in 1901 because the Institute has before a whole school and educational goal. A modern wing was open in 2009. The collection covers fields which extend from Chinese bronzes to the Contemporary art. The Art Institute of Chicago and the museum of the institute are internationally recognized today like 2 of the principal establishments of the Fine Art in the United States.