Angkor. Kampuchea. 


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Angkor. Kampuchea. 

Capital of the Khmer kings of 9th at the 15th century, located in the North-West of Kampuchea, the site of Angkor is one of the greatest architectural whole of the world. The primitive city was built around Phnom Bakheng, a temple built towards 907 on a hill which symbolizes the mountain being in the center of the world according to cosmology hindouist. The principal whole of temples of Angkor is Angkor Vat (“ the city-temple ”), built under the king Suryavarman II (which reigned of 1113 to 1150) to honor the king as an incarnation with the Vishnou god. Angkor Vat is an immense rectangle of 850 m out of 1.000 consisted of several courses encased the ones in the others and bordered of walls, surrounding a carved Massif Central furnished with five gracious towers in the shape of lotus. In XIIIth century, Angkor covered approximately 100 km2 and was one of the more big cities of the world, but its decline started shortly after. The French archeologists discover it and revealed its existence in the world in 1860. The French School of the Far East started excavations and restorations as from 1898. The site was abandoned as from 1972 and sudden deteriorations of nature and the depredations of the plunderers.