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The Angel of Resurrection. Louis Comfort Tiffany.Stained Glass. (1904).

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The Angel of Resurrection. Louis Comfort Tiffany.Stained Glass. (1904).

At the died of her husband, in 1901, Mrs. Benjamin Harrison asks Louis Comfort Tiffany to create a window with his memory. 
The lower part of the window is introduced here. This stained glass introduces the Archangel Michael, the angel of resurrection, preventing deaths so that they go up to the kingdom of heaven. The heroic angel of Tiffany is equipped with an armor with knight and a coat of mail a little like Ivanhoe of Sir Walter Scott. This corresponds to the romantic mode of the time. 
In the Bible, Michael is chief of the angels and one of the 7 archangels.
In the Apocalypse of John (11, 7), Michael and his angels fight the dragon, Lucifer or Satan, therefore evil, and this one is driven out sky with its bad angels.
Gospel according to John saint, V, 29: “ All deaths will be raised to be judged, those which will have made the good will live again for the life and those which will have made the evil will live again for the judgment ”. Resurrection will take place the day of the last Judgment, announced by the sound of the trumpets.

The sky is represented behind the angel. The point of view of the spectator is above the horizon. The glance tends to go up, towards the face of the angel, upwards while following its gesture. The upper part of the stained glass represents the cross which the angel is showing. See the detail under the similar button.

The body of the angel is in the geometrical center of the stained glass, framed perfectly by tension line and 4 the natural point of interest.

The angel with its spread wings occupies two thirds of pictorial space.

The stained glass is built on the large ascending diagonal from right to left. The raised right-hand man gives the direction. 

Details : 

A variation of texture occurs at certain places on the wings of the angel, the glass Master roughcast the surface of glass to imitate the feathers ! 

Clouded glass is a characteristic of Tiffany, it appears in the swirl of the completions opalescent and iridescent, it is the result of additions of chemicals to glass melted during cooling. Folds also appear in glass used for the long dress of the angel.

The deep blue of the interior ring behind the angel has five separated layers, creating a dark bottom which increases the dramatic effect of the stained glass.

Light : The angel is enlightened on the left top. The very luminous and gilded zone at bottom, trumpet and boots, is a counterpart of the coat of mail the top, around the head of the angel.

Colors : Contrast between hot and cold colors. 

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