Restoration of the Old Stained glasses.

The Color

The Composition



Watercolour, Gouache, Pastel

The Fresco

The art of the stained glass

Creative craftsmen

Painting annealed glass


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Old Stained glasses..

The stained glasses are the glory of Chartres. Null cathedral of the Middle Ages could not garderjusqu' with us such an inheritance: a hundred old canopies, dating for majority the first fifteen years from XIIIe century. Forming a whole of 106 bays, including 3 pinks. The stained glasses cover there a surface of 3 150 m2. As of the end of XIIe century, the rise of the Gothic architecture allows the opening broad and high bays: the stained glass eclipses the mural, expensive with the Romance artists. The painting annealed glass, which has the advantage of letting pass the light all while transfiguring it by the color, becomes a major art and its spectacular extension implies a renewal without precedent of the style and the iconography. Chartres, in the first years of XIIIe century, was one of the engines of this creative effervescence. The cathedral of Fulbert, whose work had started in 1020 and who was destroyed in 1194 by a fire, was decorated of a score of canopies offered by ecclesiastics. The oldest stained glasses of the cathedral disappeared dated from the episcopate from saint Yves (1090-1115), three of them having certainly been realized before the end of XIe century. Of this unit, there only remain to us what was saved by the flames, initially the three windows overhanging the Royal gate of the Western frontage.