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700 Wall. MadC. Claudia Walde.

700 Wall. MadC. Claudia Walde.

Claudia Walde, known as MadC, is a graffiti artist from Germany who is known for her large scale outdoor artistic works.

MadC started her artistic trajectory as a teenaged graffiti writer, and has since then developed her creative endeavors into various fields such as graphic design, writing and fine art. She has studied at both Burg Giebichenstein – University of Art and Design, Halle and Central Saint Martins College, London, and carries a master's degree in graphic design. 

Her major international breakthrough came however in 2010 with the production of the work that has become known as the “ 700-Wall ” – a 700 square-meter work along the train line between Berlin and Halle. 
This painting is most likely the largest graffiti mural created by a single person, and it was finished in four months.

This is the story of this wall : 

Here we are, the wall is done! Even though I decided to paint a little
further still - I just finished it before the snow set in. The wall was
originally planned to end at the set of windows since those are difficult to involve and the surface of the wall became pretty bad from thereon too.

However, I decided to extend my theme in places and take the challenge to paint until the very end of the wall. Now it is about 680m2 of wall space. Finally, the picture is complete and I hope the story sums up. My
Stylemachine-idea was based on the life of a dedicated graffiti writer. It's a wall for all of us who paint 10+ years and who put all their energy and heart into it.

That's how I translated the idea :

Scene one - the laboratory - we sketch, we try, we are inspired, no matter under which circumstances, lack of time or interruption.

Scene two & three - the machine and harbour - we select sketches and
produce our ideas, try techniques, style- and colour-variations and get them out into the world.

Scene four - the difficult journey - a lot of our work gets destroyed f.e.
by the buff, toys or by the nature, so we have to keep on doing our thing no matter what.

Scene five - the city - you keep on sending your name into the world, so at the end of the day some of your pieces reach their destination, where they belong and where they are seen.

And for those out there who like numbers a lot : some days I went up and down the ladder more than 500 times; fell off the ladder 4 times; counted in days I painted more than 4 months every day at least 10 hours; I used 1489 cans; 158 different colours; 600+ caps; 3 different kind of caps, 100 liters primer; 140 liters exterior paint; painted at temperatures from +2C° to +38C° in sunshine, rain, storm, day and night; painted my biggest and smallest piece so far and overall painted my name far more than 100 times on this wall. 

I'm curious if anyone will guess or find out how many there
actually are. I made only one exception from solely painting 
MadC pieces onthis wall. Special place in my heart - special place on my wall.

MadC is known for massive and detailed concept walls. This year she is going to break her own record and paint her biggest and most elaborate concept wall ever. Just herself, without help.

The object: a gigantic 639m2 wall involving her characters and styles. She has started planning and sketching in January 2010. Here in this section you can follow the process of how one of the biggest 
productions ever is brought to life painted by one small girl. The concept of the wall called " Stylemachine “. 

As the name implies it will basically be a machine producing styles, including an laboratory scenario, rats, crazy professors and so on. MadC is in order to finish this huge wall until the december 2010. 


700 wall in Molotow

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