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Bernard Martin Renou,digital painting, Digital painter.

Bernard Martin Renou. Abstract art. Digital lyric abstraction. 

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Bernard Martin Renou. Abstract art. Digital lyric abstraction. 

What you will see here names is : Abstract art, Informal art, gestural painting, Action painting, dripping, 
numerical Lyric abstraction, digital Abstraction. 

June 12th, 2012 Georges Mathieu, father of the lyric abstraction dead at 91 years. 
It is a great vacuum in front of the disappearance of so much of talent. 
Its creations are single and it is difficult to find the similar ones. 

Is abstract all that does not refer to figurative and that one must judge according to the composition, 
the order, the disorder, the harmony, against harmony… Paintings of Georges Mathieu in general are stable. 
They have a base. What you see here moves, fleet. 

There are sometimes references to realities, there are geometrical forms, 
the forests of Ernst which are those of the unconscious one, of the bouquets of spines as in works of Hans Hartung, 
but less dark, with a little more light and colors. Hartung, Mathieu and Pollock are the great references. 

The zones of unconscious explored in works of Hartung have little light and of color, 
although on the level of the form sometimes its influence is important it is not completely the case for light and colors. 
There does the depths exist a space, galactic dimension it fine bottom of the universe and of our unconscious are dependant ? 
there are beings or the things which seems to fly or float leaves with each one the care to interpret… 

Welcome in this universe.